Episode 332

Before Coder


November 7th, 2018

54 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

We answer how Chris and Mike started in independent contracting, and the lessons changes they’d make with some perspective of time.

Plus System76’s new Thelio hardware looks great, but would the Mac Mini be the wiser purchase? The guys debate. And a tool of the week, some news, and more!

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Episode Links

  • Mac mini
  • Thelio
  • ASP.NET Core Ditching .NET Framework — Microsoft yesterday (Oct. 29) said that going forward, ASP.NET Core 3.0 -- the Web framework part of the "Core" platform offerings -- will only run on the base NET Core 3.0 platform, not the traditional .NET Framework that has been a Windows-only mainstay for some 16 years.
  • Erick Roberts on Twitter — "@dominucco I went way back in the @coderradioshow archives hoping to get some back story on how you and Chris both started your independent contractor lives. Can you or @ChrisLAS point me to a blog post or a podcast episode. It cuts me off at episode 55."
  • Gogh — Color Scheme for Gnome Terminal and Pantheon Terminal