Episode 524

Apple's Blurry Vision


June 28th, 2023

52 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

We got our eyes on the Vision Pro SDK and share our new insights. And why the claims of stalled Mastodon adoption might ring a bit true.

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Episode Links

  • Elon Musk Says He'd Be up for 'Cage Match' With Mark Zuckerberg — Elon Musk said he'd be up for fighting his tech world nemesis, jiu-jitsu lover Mark Zuckerberg.
  • visionOS - Apple Developer — The choice is yours, and it all starts with the building blocks of spatial computing in visionOS.
  • Bringing your existing apps to visionOS | Apple Developer Documentation — In some cases, it might not make sense to port your app for visionOS.
  • Apple Vision Pro Will Support WebXR — With Apple now officially supporting WebXR, the standard can claim truly widespread support; WebXR is now supported, at least in some capacity, by Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari, as well as the Quest browser, Pico browser, Magic Leap Browser, Chrome for Android, Samsung Internet, Opera Mobile, and Firefox for Android. Though like visionOS Safari, some of these browsers have kept the feature as a developer preview for now.
  • Omni Group Apps Coming to 🍏Vision Pro — Now, we don’t expect this first generation Vision Pro to be adopted by everyone, any more than first generations of Apple’s other platforms—the Apple II, 128K Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch—were adopted by everyone.
  • Apple's Phil Schiller refuses to fix app review and "needs to get his meaty paws off the App Store" — “I think the way to radically improve the App Store is have Phil be an Apple fellow and get his hands off the App Store,” says Shoemaker. “That’s what they really need to do. Eddy’s more progressive, Joz is more progressive, and we know Matt is as well. Phil just needs to get his meaty paws off the App Store.”
  • Why did the #TwitterMigration fail? — I have evidence of this. I recently shut down my Mastodon instance that I started in November, mastodon.bloonface.com, and (as is proper) it sent out about 700,000 kill messages to inform other instances that it had federated with that it was going offline for good, and to delete all record of it from their databases. Around 25% of these were returned undelivered because the instances had simply dropped offline.
  • Daring Fireball: Why Has Mastodon Adoption Stalled? — After Elon Musk took the helm at Twitter there was an initial burst of new users and increased usage on Mastodon (and the rest of the Fediverse, but mostly this is about Mastodon as an alternative to Twitter). And then it flattened, and perhaps has even declined. I would like to see Mastodon thrive. But the platform’s ideological zealotry is obviously holding it back and seemingly isn’t going to change.
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