Episode 522

Reddit Goes Dark


June 14th, 2023

57 mins 33 secs

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About this Episode

We chew on the ridiculous situation Reddit has created for itself and the weak position of app developers.

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  • New Xbox Unlikely as Microsoft Gaming Chief Doesn't Feel Need for Upgrade — “That’s not the feedback we’re getting right now,”
  • Stephen Totilo on Twitter — At a behind-closed-doors presentation to press, Xbox boss Phil Spencer says gaming revenue for the company is double what it was in the 360 era, says Xbox has more players than ever, expecting more than $1 billion in PC gaming revenue this year
  • Apple Releases Tool to Help Developers Port Windows Games to Mac — Developers interested in porting Windows games to the Mac can watch Apple's series of "bring your game to Mac" videos for more details. Apple also has a page on its website outlining various gaming technologies and tools available for developers.
  • Whisky — Whisky provides a clean and easy to use graphical wrapper for Wine built in native SwiftUI. You can make and manage bottles, install and run Windows apps and games, and unlock the full potential of your Mac with no technical knowledge required.
  • Coder Radio: Bite of the AR Apple | CR 276 — Wes joins Mike to chat all things Apple. We discuss the surprising implications of the iPhone X, including the challenges of its new special shape & the exciting possibilities of ARKit.
  • Cheaper Apple Vision Headset Likely to Launch by End of 2025 — Apple still plans to launch a more affordable version of its Vision Pro headset by the end of 2025, with the non-Pro model likely to be called "Apple Vision One," or more simply, "Apple Vision," according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.
  • Apple Executive Discusses New Mac Pro's Lack of Graphics Card Support — "Fundamentally, we've built our architecture around this shared memory model and that optimization, and so it's not entirely clear to me how you'd bring in another GPU and do so in a way that is optimized for our systems," Ternus told Gruber. "It hasn't been a direction that we wanted to pursue."
  • Reddit’s users and moderators are revolting against its CEO — Fallout from the unpopular API pricing change and disastrous AMA with CEO Steve Huffman is turning out the lights on some of Reddit’s most prominent communities.
  • Reddark
  • Sebastiaan de With on Twitter — Reddit’s AMA with its CEO on their API (read: third party app killing) is a train wreck. These are remakes from their CEO. Why does Reddit consistently have such terrible leadership? Before this, Huffman had no public interactions with the community or website for 10 months.
  • Paul Hudson on Twitter — Apologies for the interruption on r/swift, but Reddit needs a change in management. See https://reddark.untone.uk for the huge number of other subreddits going dark in support of @ChristianSelig 💪
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