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Did we get this one wrong? It seems consumer AI is eating the lunch of some web's biggest names.

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  • Tesla hackers turn to voltage glitching to unlock features — Instead of approaching the problem like Tesla hackers of the past, who've tried to gain control of vehicles or break into them as an outsider, Christian Werling and his fellow researchers wanted to approach the problem like someone who already had physical access to a vehicle and was trying to make their own modifications – like breaking through soft locks on optional, but installed, features.
  • Apple already shipped attestation on the web — Google isn't the first to think of this, but in fact they're not even the first to ship it. Apple already developed & deployed an extremely similar system last year, now integrated into MacOS 13, iOS 16 & Safari, called "Private Access Tokens".
  • Zoom can now train its A.I. using some customer data — Zoom's terms of service update establishes the video platform's right to use some customer data for training its AI models.
  • Gabor Gurbacs on Twitter — New Zoom Terms of Service (10.2) stipulate that you as a user consent to allow AI to train on and use all of your data, including video, audio, facial, biometric data, etc...
  • ChatGPT is putting Stack Overflow out of business traffic is down over 50% — ChatGPT has been crushing Stack Overflow. To combat ChatGPT they announced their own AI "OverflowAI" which includes AI-enhanced search to attract users back.
  • Venture-backed startups are failing at record rates — In the first half of 2023, 338 U.S. companies filed for bankruptcy protection, according to newly released S&P Global Market Intelligence data, including 54 companies with private equity or venture capital backing. At that rate, 108 VC-backed startups will fail by year’s end, besting the 95 that failed during 2010.
  • Coming soon: Fedora for Apple Silicon Macs! — Fedora Asahi Remix will provide a polished experience for Workstation and Server use-cases on Apple Silicon systems. The Asahi Linux project has also announced that the new Asahi Linux flagship distribution will be Fedora Asahi Remix.
  • ChromeOS is splitting the browser from the OS — The project is called "Lacros," which Google says stands for "Linux And ChRome OS." This will split ChromeOS's Linux OS from the Chrome browser, allowing Google to update each one independently.
  • Funding Developers With Lightning — PkgZap gives a way for NodeJS developers to easily fund the packages they're relying upon for their project.
  • Alby | pkgzap — Value4Value payments for npm (and other package managers)
  • Serving at the Pleasure of the King — But as a software developer, I am deeply ambivalent about an Apple dominated future. Apple isn't shy about cultivating the experience around their new iOS products and the App Store. There are unusually strict, often mysterious rules around what software developers can and cannot do — at least if they want entry into the App Store. And once you're in, the rules can and will change at any time.