Episode 528

I'm a 1.2x Developer


July 26th, 2023

57 mins 59 secs

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Elon Musk trying to build the "everything app" is ridiculous, and the quiet little promise openAI just made with the White House.

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  • Introducing GitHub Copilot X — With chat and terminal interfaces, support for pull requests, and early adoption of OpenAI’s GPT-4, GitHub Copilot X is our vision for the future of AI-powered software development. Integrated into every part of your workflow.
  • GitHub Copilot Chat enters beta — “As we prepare to bring the entirety of GitHub Copilot X to general availability, we believe every developer could be made 10 times more productive. This means 10 days of work, done in one day. 10 hours of work, done in one hour. 10 minutes of work, done with a single prompt command."
  • Apple Vision Pro Developer Kits Now Available — Along with a Vision Pro, developers will get help with device setup and onboarding, check-ins with Apple experts for UI design and development guidance, and help with app refining. Each developer who receives a kit will be provided with two additional code-level support requests for troubleshooting code issues.
  • President Joe Biden wanted Gigi Sohn to fix America’s internet — what went wrong? — ‘Dark money’ and the never-ending election cycle kept a qualified consumer advocate out of the Federal Communications Commission.
  • CSPAN on Twitter — President Biden announces an agreement for responsible innovation in development of artificial intelligence (AI) among seven of the leading AI companies.
  • Twitter has officially changed its logo to ‘X’ — This is not the first time Musk is changing the Twitter logo. Earlier this year, he briefly changed the social network’s logo to the Doge meme.
  • Elon Musk on Twitter — In the months to come, we will add comprehensive communications and the ability to conduct your entire financial world. The Twitter name does not make sense in that context, so we must bid adieu to the bird.
  • Elon Musk Wants to Relive His Start-Up Days. — In 2017, he reacquired the X.com domain name and, according to Soni, he once pitched Reid Hoffman on the idea of reacquiring PayPal to revive his original vision.
  • Worldcoin Launches WLD Token — The Worldcoin Foundation also launched its World ID system and expanded its World App to over 80 countries, with plans to increase that number to 120.
  • Worldcoin Whitepaper - Supply Schedule
  • Pledditor on Twitter — Here's a list of WorldCoin VCs, according to http://dealroom.co
  • plane: 🔥 🔥 🔥 Open Source JIRA — Meet Plane. An open-source software development tool to manage issues, sprints, and product roadmaps with peace of mind lotus_position_woman.
  • Taiga: Your opensource agile project management software — A featured-rich software that offers a very simple start through its intuitive user interface.
  • Outline – Team knowledge base & wiki — Lost in a mess of Docs? Never quite sure who has access? Colleagues requesting the same information repeatedly in chat? It’s time to get your team’s knowledge organized.