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We argue over what sucked the most at WWDC this year and then surprise each other with two things that thrill us.

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  • US SEC charges crypto platform Coinbase, one day after suing Binance — The lawsuit is the SEC's second in two days against a major crypto exchange, following its case against Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, and founder Changpeng Zhao.
  • LinuxFest Northwest 2023: Call for Speakers — "After receiving some great submissions over the last couple of days, we decided to EXTEND the speaker submission to June 25th! Submit your talk now.
  • WWDC 2023 — June 5 - YouTube — Watch the WWDC23 Apple Keynote announcing the latest Apple Vision Pro, MacBook Air 15", software, services, and operating systems.
  • Ed Leon Klinger on Twitter — “One of the coolest results involved predicting a user was going to click on something before they actually did. That was a ton of work and something I’m proud of. Your pupil reacts before you click in part because you expect something will happen after you click. So you can create biofeedback with a user's brain by monitoring their eye behavior, and redesigning the UI in real time to create more of this anticipatory pupil response. It’s a crude brain computer interface via the eyes, but very cool”
  • Sterling Crispin 🕊️ on Twitter — I spent 10% of my life contributing to the development of the #VisionPro while I worked at Apple as a Neurotechnology Prototyping Researcher in the Technology Development Group. It’s the longest I’ve ever worked on a single effort. I
  • Apple Vision Pro Testers Share Impressions: 'By Far the Best Headset' — In a tweet, tech columnist Joanna Stern described the Vision Pro as "by far the best headset out there." In a report for The Wall Street Journal, she elaborated that "the interface and hand gestures are intuitive, 3-D movies are finally making sense and a huge dinosaur felt like it really broke through a wall right in front of me."
  • Apple to Provide Developers With Vision Pro Development Kits — Apple says that developer kits will be offered to help developers bring their creations to life on Vision Pro, and that they will offer the ability to quickly build, iterate, and test on the headset. Developers will be able to apply to get a kit, but Apple hasn't offered details on when the kits will be made available.
  • Vision Pro developer kit — To support great ideas for apps and games for visionOS, developer kits will be available to help bring your creations to life on Apple Vision Pro. These kits provide the ability to quickly build, iterate, and test on Apple Vision Pro, so your app or game will be ready to deliver amazing experiences. Stay tuned for how to apply.
  • The Apple Vision Pro features an M2 chip, a ton of sensors and a new R1 chip — Each pixel is 7.5-micron wide and there are 23 million pixels across two panels that are the size of a postage stamp. For reference, a 4K TV features a bit more than 8 million pixels.
  • Apple Vision Pro first look: the mixed reality future is (almost) here — Apple’s first mixed reality device has been years in the making — and at first glance, the headset itself looks really nice. Not that we were allowed to touch it.
  • Mark Gurman on Twitter — Unless I missed something, it is very curious to me why there are no photos of Tim Cook or other Apple executives actually wearing the Vision Pro. If that is indeed true, that was of course a calculated decision. The question is why?
  • Mac Studio with M2 Ultra chip is real — Don't call it a comeback — the Mac Studio makes a slightly surprising return at WWDC 2023.
  • Apple Announces 'Game Mode' in macOS Sonoma for Better Mac Gaming Performance — With Game Mode enabled in macOS 14, the Mac prioritizes CPU and GPU power for the running title, thereby improving gaming hardware performance across the board. For example, Game Mode makes gaming on Mac even more immersive by dramatically lowering audio latency with AirPods.
  • iOS 17 Lets You Create a Voice That Sounds Like You — With the first iOS 17 beta, Apple has introduced a new accessibility feature called Personal Voice. First highlighted earlier this year, Personal Voice is designed to allow you to use artificial intelligence to create a replica of your voice.
  • These iOS 17 features require an iPhone 12 or newer — Apple just previewed iOS 17. With this new operating system coming later this fall, iPhone 8 and iPhone X users won’t be able to update to the latest update. That said, even if you have an iPhone XS, it doesn’t mean you enjoy all the iOS 17 functions.
  • New iPhone feature warns about unwanted nudes — “Naked photos and videos show the private body parts that are usually covered by underwear or bathing suits,” the pop-up explains. “It’s not your fault, but naked photos and videos can be used to hurt you.” The screen goes on to explain that the person in the photo or video may or may not have consented to this media being shared.
  • Apple avoids “AI” hype at WWDC keynote — Apple prefers using "machine learning," or just having AI work in the background.
  • Apple hid something AMAZING for Mac gaming at WWDC - YouTube
  • Add RFC on governance, establishing the Leadership Council — This RFC was jointly authored by @jntrnr (Core), @joshtriplett (Lang Team Lead), @khionu (Moderation), @Mark-Simulacrum (Core Project Director, Release Lead), @rylev (Core Project Director), @technetos (Moderation), and @yaahc (Collaboration Project Director).
  • The RustConf Keynote Fiasco, explained
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