Episode 345

F# Envy


February 19th, 2019

55 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

The guys discuss the real last bastion of scratch your own itch, and debate the merits of recent C# functional programing fads that are transforming the language.

Plus Mike’s swimming in hardware, and a new movement sweeping the web that starts right here.

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Episode Links

  • Yo, Thelio! - dominickm.com — Overall, I am very happy with Thelio and if you’re interesting in running Linux on a desktop full-time, I recommend you consider it.
  • Michael Dominick on Twitter — 10 minutes in and the #DarterPro has the best non-Mac trackpad I’ve ever used.
  • Michael Dominick on Twitter — Yeah, so @ChrisLAS I have fallen hard off the old man sleep wagon and it's deeply sub-optimal.
  • SCaLE 17x — SCaLE is the largest community-run open-source and free software conference in North America. It is held annually in the greater Los Angeles area.
  • C# 8: The switch expression — C# 8 delivers a few new C# features to developers, and it is nice to see the language improving, but today I would like to talk about only one and it is "switch expressions".
  • Don’t Get Clever with Login Forms | Brad Frost — Let’s walk through some login patterns and why I think they’re not ideal. And then let’s look at some better ways of tackling login.
  • Canonical Announces Latest Ubuntu Core for IoT » Linux Magazine — Canonical has announced Ubuntu Core 18, their open source platform for IoT devices. Ubuntu Core 18 is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS code-base and will be supported for 10 years.
  • Andrew Madsen on Twitter — It’s weird how the iOS community has shifted so much from “iOS development” to “Swift”. 5 years on, and a huge part of what everyone’s doing revolves around the language, not how to create great apps. Why is that?
  • Michael Dominick on Twitter — Thinking more about this conversation about how the #iOSDev #macOs scene has changed online, it occurs to me that there’s a platform where that past ethos of “just build cool things” lives — desktop #Linux and @elementary in particular #CoderRadio @ChrisLAS
  • 16-Inch MacBook Pro With All-New Design Expected in 2019 — Kuo also says Apple may add a 32GB RAM option to the 13-inch MacBook Pro, without providing further details.