Episode 485

Going All In on Linux


September 28th, 2022

51 mins 3 secs

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About this Episode

Mike has spent just over a month living in Linux full-time, and Chris wants to check in and see how he’s doing. Plus we both have the new Thelio from System76 in-house, and our takeaways might surprise you.

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  • Southern California Meet up this Friday — Come join us! We’ll be hanging out from 6pm-8pm. This place has everything you need, great food, great beer, a great atmosphere, and phenomenal company. Also, the patio is dog friendly!
  • Linux On The Laptop Works So Damn Well That It’s Boring — Honestly, when I use my Linux computer, very little is different from my Mac or Windows machines. It works so well that it’s essentially kind of boring. Which is what you want, right? You don’t want to have to think about your operating system, or worry about it. You just want it to work.
  • System76 Thelio — We’ve slimmed down Thelio’s wood wrapping into a swappable accent on the front of the system. Style your Thelio with a variety of wood or powder-coated aluminum accents to empower any mindset.
  • Thelio 2022 Redesign Review - dominickm.com — Proudly proclaiming “real computers have ports”, it comes with a variety of HDMI, Display Port (depending on your GPU) and UBS-C ports. Whether your a developer who needs to connect IOT devices for debugging or a content creator preaching the gospel of Objective Binks, you’ll have the ports you need for your audio devices and (in my case) your mute pedal. Keen observers will notice that the back panel is slightly less styled than previous model, but that hardly detracts from the overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Thelio Timed Linux Kernel Compilation — This test times how long it takes to build the Linux kernel in a default configuration (defconfig) for the architecture being tested or alternatively an allmodconfig for building all possible kernel modules for the build.
  • Parboil DevOne Benchmarks — The Parboil Benchmarks from the IMPACT Research Group at University of Illinois are a set of throughput computing applications for looking at computing architecture and compilers. Parboil test-cases support OpenMP, OpenCL, and CUDA multi-processing environments. However, at this time the test profile is just making use of the OpenMP and OpenCL test workloads.
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