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A weekly talk show taking a pragmatic look at the art and business of Software Development and the world of technology.

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  • 578: Cancel the 100X

    July 10th, 2024  |  1 hr 5 mins
    apple apps, apple intelligence, bloomberg, chatgpt integration, coder radio, context-aware assistance, developer beta, developers, development podcast, display interaction, generative ai, ios 18.4, mark gurman, photo editing, public launch, release timeline, siri, wwdc announcement delay

    Apple finally stands down in its battle with Epic, and Google gets caught with its hand in the full access to everything jar.

  • 577: Holy Order of the Admins

    July 2nd, 2024  |  47 mins 50 secs
    advanced features, ai, alice ai, apple intelligence, aspen institute, bugs,, chatgpt, coder radio, computing resources, developer, developers, development podcast, docker, eq, events, fountain, github issue, google, indeed, iq, jar-jar desktop, lary summers, macos, meta, migration, mitigations, monthly fees, no-li brewhouse, obj-c, oneapi, open-source, oses, perforce, piper, regression testing, repository operations, research partnerships, retail demos, rosetta, rust, smtp, software development job postings, source control, spokane meetup, st. louis fed, sycl, system76, tdd, terminal, testgen-llm, testing, unit test improvement, user stories, vision pro, xai

    Why you shouldn't use AI to write your tests, and the crazy deals new AI companies are getting themselves into to access hardware.

  • 576: The New 800-pound Gorilla

    June 26th, 2024  |  59 mins 15 secs
    ai-generated, anti-steering, antitrust, app store, apple, bots, bundling, coder radio, developers, development podcast, dma, eu, fake images, microsoft, mof, open source ai, osi, social media, teams

    Big Tech vs. Big Brother, how Ashley Madison predicted the rise of AI bots and the messy world of "open source" AI.

  • 575: The Omakub Directive

    June 19th, 2024  |  51 mins 36 secs
    ai features, anthropic, apple silicon, arm notebook, bad performance, bamboohr survey, benefit corporation, blame employees, coder radio, desktop linux, developers, development podcast, easy bluetooth, ecosystem, embedded open source summit, employee job satisfaction, firm performance, firm values, for-profit corporation, green status effect, hyper-available, ipados, linux, managers, microsoft, nonprofit board, notes, office culture, openai, operating system, phone syncing, privacy, qualcomm, reassert control, recall, return to office, rto mandates, s&p 500, scapegoat, security safeguards, snapdragon, soc, spyware, stock market index, usb-c, wwdc, xai

    A couple of our long-standing forecasts are coming true. We unpack the recent developments. Plus, our thoughts on OpenAI going commercial and more.

  • 574: Craig Stans Unite

    June 12th, 2024  |  40 mins 25 secs
    ai, apple, apple intelligence, chatgpt, coder radio, developers, development podcast, generative ai, ios 18, ipados 18, macos sequoia, privacy, siri, wwdc 2024, xcode 16

    Our thoughts and reactions to Apple's WWDC '24, and more importantly what was missed.

  • 573: The Ultimate Computer

    June 5th, 2024  |  54 mins 2 secs
    ai, ai safety, arm holdings, azure, ceo, chatgpt outage, chip designer, coder radio, developers, development podcast, google privacy breach, hololens, microsoft, microsoft layoffs, openai, openai whistleblowers, reckless culture, right to warn, tech layoffs, windows developers, windows pc market

    The story of how Mike got in a fight with a supercomputer and, like Captain Kirk, came out on top.

  • 572: Foxes In The Henhouse

    May 29th, 2024  |  1 hr 8 mins
    .net, ai, ai hysterics, ai monitoring, ai safety, ai safety and security, ai safety panel, ai supercomputer, arm64 packages, artificial intelligence safety and security board, biden, c#, chatgpt, coder radio, developers, development podcast, dhs, elon musk, escaping conveniences, google, google ai, hallucinations, lock object, meetings, microsoft teams, ml models,, non-copilot pc, npu, openai, params modifier, reddit, safety team, sam altman, scarlett johansson, scheduled meetings, search experience, seo, side meetings, threading issues, us office workers, wfh, windows recall, xai

    OpenAI has a new security team led by Sam Altman, and the Biden Administration has a new AI security board led by Sam Altman. We also discuss C# 13 and .Net 9, popping bubbles, and more.

  • 571: Old Wine New Bottle

    May 22nd, 2024  |  45 mins 23 secs
    acer, ai in android, ai investments, ai market, ai models, ai revenue, alibaba, amd, asus, coder radio, copilot+ pcs, dell, developer story, developers, development podcast, gemini, generative ai, google ai answers, google i/o, hp, intel, kernel, lenovo, m3 macbook air, macbook air, microsoft branded quest kit, microsoft news, microsoft quest api, npu performance, openai upgrades, qualcomm, race to the bottom, scheduler, snapdragon x elite, surface laptop 7, surface pro, volumetric api, windows compiler, windows copilot runtime, windows on arm, windows recall, x86 translation layer

    Big Tech's latest AI flex? More like a desperate grab for attention. Google, OpenAI, and Microsoft are hyping up underwhelming updates while Sam Altman spills the tea on their shady motives.

  • 570: 4o

    May 15th, 2024  |  28 mins 46 secs
    ai overviews, axion processor, bizdev, chatgpt-4o, coder radio, darth jarjar, developers, development podcast, disney plus, framework 16, gemini, generative ai, google i/o 2024, google search, gpt-5, hp dev one, invitation homes, jetbrains, lego, liquid cooled data centers, mandatory isp, multi-step reasoning, nvidia blackwell gpus, openai, pop_os!, privacy implications, pycharm, rubymine, service quality, stack overflow, star wars, text evaluation, tpus, trillium, value

    OpenAI has pulled a fast one, and everyone is eating it up.

  • 569: Whatever It Takes

    May 8th, 2024  |  39 mins 44 secs
    ad-pocalypse, agi, ai advancements, ai impact on labor market, apple ai strategy, apple vision pro, big tech spending, blackrock ceo larry fink, chatgpt in peripherals, coder radio, developers, development podcast, foss, job changes, junior developer careers, linux interest, meta vr, mike in nyc, morality in the workplace, nix, perl, ruby, sam altman

    Altman's on a spending spree for AGI – why the huge price tag? Mike's back from NYC with juicy API gossip, and we break down the incentives pumping up a giant AI bubble.

  • 568: The Junior Jump

    May 1st, 2024  |  35 mins 15 secs
    coder radio, delta emulator, developers, development podcast, ftc, logitech ai, noncompete ban, small business

    How one clever developer has launched his own Appstore on iOS, our thoughts on how this was pulled off, and making a transition into development work late in life.

  • 567: The year of Small Models

    April 24th, 2024  |  42 mins 53 secs
    ai model, apple vision pro, ar, business, chatbots, coder radio, developers, development podcast, google, llama 3, meta, meta horizon os, microsoft, open platform, phi-3, protest, small ai model, vr, workplace

    Llama 3 and Phi-3-mini are up and running on phones, Raspberry Pis, and we give them a go. Plus Google kills the vibe, and Meta opens up Horizon OS.

  • 566: FOSS Feed & Care

    April 17th, 2024  |  29 mins 51 secs
    1998, andres freund, backdoor, catastrophic failure, coder radio, core infrastructure initiative, corporate it budget, data degradation, debian, developers, development podcast,, eight-inch floppies, floppy disks, funding fiasco, google, heartbleed, liblzma, linux foundation, microsoft, open source, openssl, performance regression testing, postgresql, rail system, san francisco, state grants, supply chain, train control system, xz utils

    We delve into the top 3 open-source revenue streams, expose the pitfalls, and discuss what could be done quickly to improve the situation.

  • 565: The Great Llama

    April 10th, 2024  |  50 mins 11 secs
    coder radio, developers, development podcast, gen z, google axion, google cloud next 2024, google vids, google workspace, llma3, meta, mike rowe, online jobs for teens, open-source, trade jobs, work-from-home stem jobs, workforce challenges

    Why does Meta give away Llma for free? What's in it for them?

    Plus, our thoughts on the data showing the trades are starting to see a boom, and new coding jobs are declining.

  • 564: Re-Re-Rewrite it in Rust

    April 3rd, 2024  |  46 mins 36 secs
    amazon, apple vision pro, ar, c++, coder radio, collaboration, dash carts, developers, development podcast, ffmpeg, florida, google, house, iss trash, just walk out, microsoft teams, productivity, rails update, rust, spatial personas, xz

    Microsoft wins the foot-in-mouth award this week, and Google gets the Rust religion - but Mike is skeptical.

  • 563: Mike’s No Good Very Bad Rails Update

    March 27th, 2024  |  57 mins 16 secs
    3 body problem, ai, apple, apple developer, apple vision pro, asset pipeline, barbara fried, c++ interop, c++ successor, coder radio, developers, development podcast, esm, expensive elephant, feedback, github, google carbon, helix, huggingface, importmap-rails, iphon, lm studio, local llms, netflix, nostr, nvidia, rails, rcs support, sbf, sentencing submission, text editor, vanilla js, wwdc 2024, xr, youtube

    Mike makes the case for just going vanilla, a look at Google Carbon, and then we address the expensive elephant in the room.