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A weekly talk show taking a pragmatic look at the art and business of Software Development and the world of technology.

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  • 536: Grindr-in-Chief

    September 20th, 2023  |  42 mins 47 secs
    ad platform, ad privacy, artificial intelligence, camera, chatgpt, chrome, coder radio, data collection, developers, development podcast, dotnet core, drivers, employees, executeindirect, firing, funding, google, grindr, intel, iowa, java licensing, kia, linkedin, linux, meetings, memory allocation, nissan, nvidia, oracle, oss devs, overemployed, privacy sandbox, programming faults, santiago, starfield, third-party tracking cookies, todd howard, user-tracking, venn, water consumption, wfh

    The painful side of making video games, Grinder's big problems, and Google's sneakiest trojan horse.

  • 535: Locally Sourced Carbon Neutral Consumer

    September 13th, 2023  |  44 mins 33 secs
    a17, apple event, aus e region, azure, coder radio, data center automation, developers, development podcast, ios 17 public beta, iphone 15, iphone 15 pro, metal, microsoft offers legal protection to ai customers, monetization scheme, privacy nightmare, twitter, whistleblowing ex-employee, wildlife surveying

    Did Apple's event live up to our expectations? And our thoughts on what new goodies for developers might be in the new hardware and software.

  • 534: Blame the Automation

    September 6th, 2023  |  50 mins 58 secs
    apple, australia east cloud region, automation failures, azure, blackstone, bloomberg, c#, c++, chillers, cisa, coder radio, cooling units, crypto payments, currency transmission license, data halls, datacenter, developer lab attendance, developer labs, developers, development podcast, diagnostic tools, diesel mechanic, electrical storm, elon musk, emergency procedures, excel, google business,, hiring feature, infosec vulnerability management program, kraftnix, leader in developing software, linkedin competitor, low voltage, marine electrician, mark gurman, microsoft, mikrotik, monetization path, neovim, nix journey, open source community, outage, power sag, pythonistas, raytheon, scott, senior frontend developer, small devs, staff, storage infrastructure, susan prescott, sydney, temperature damage, thermal loads, twitter payments, vision pro sdk, vscode extensions, x

    Azure suffers a big outage, and Microsoft blames faulty automation; why we think there might be early signs of weak demand for Apple's Vision Pro and more.

  • 533: Critical Failure in Open Source

    August 30th, 2023  |  54 mins 42 secs
    api misuse, automation, cisa, code generation, coder radio, cyber threat, cybersecurity, developers, development podcast, economic productivity, excel, federal aid highway act of 1956, government investment, infrastructure, interstate road system, investment, large language model, memory leaks, open source software, power grid, president eisenhower, program crashes, python, risks, safety improvements, security, software development, technology skills

    U.S. officials are warning open-source software could be a cyber security threat. Their solution? Money. But do we want them picking the winners and losers of open source?

  • 532: Take It to the Limit

    August 23rd, 2023  |  54 mins 58 secs
    ai-first code editor, alpaca, appcode, azure kinect, berlin with brent, c++ editors, chatgpt cheat sheet, clion, coder radio, cursor, developers, development podcast, features, fitness, ford patent, gpt-4, healthcare, ios, itof depth technology, llama.cpp, logistics, macos, manufacturing, meetup, metagpt, microsoft, orbbec, precision depth camera, programming knowledge, retail, robotics, sdk, serge, software development, spokane linux love, twitter hype, unreal, usability, vs code extension, web interface, xcode

    Mike hits the limits of ChatGPT's knowledge, a chat about editors and what we'd do for a living if it had to be outside of tech.

  • 531: C# as it Should Have Been

    August 16th, 2023  |  1 hr 16 secs
    ai models, amazon devices & services, aws, bankman-fried, coder radio, david limp, developers, development podcast, devops, github, java licensing, metalawman, mutinywallet, nvidia h100 gpu, oracle, sbf indictment, stack, tae kim, tech, terms of service, whisper, zoom

    Java developers are getting the Oracle shakedown, openAI is running out of money, and more.

  • 530: What the AI Skeptics got Right

    August 8th, 2023  |  57 mins 22 secs
    ai content, ai investment, ai training, apple, apple silicon, apple silicon macs, asahi linux, bankruptcy, browser separation, chatgpt, chrome, chrome browser, chromeos, chromeos separation, coder radio, collaboration, consumer goods, control, customer data, developers, development podcast, device legitimacy, ecu, failure rates, fedora, fedora asahi remix, fedora asahi remix release, funding developers, funding packages, healthcare, infotainment, lacros, lacros project, lightning, linux and chrome os, linux os, negative impact, nodejs developers, paywall bypass, pkgzap, private access tokens, root access, safari, stack overflow, technische universität berlin, terms of service, tesla hackers, traffic, traffic decline, trust, user privacy, venture-backed startups, voltage glitching, wayland graphics support, zoom

    Did we get this one wrong? It seems consumer AI is eating the lunch of some web's biggest names.

  • 529: This API is Not for You

    August 2nd, 2023  |  39 mins 35 secs
    api, app store, app store mafia, apple, capitalism, coder radio, contractors, developers, development podcast, drm, encryption, floss transition, geolocation, google web integrity api, lack of transparency, landmark geolocation tool, language models, linux distribution, nso group spyware, privacy concerns, riva networks, security concerns, smartcards, surveillance, tech industry, twitter ios app store, us internet, userdefaults, white house policy

    Microsoft's dirty old API games, the new, even more restrictive rules Apple developers will now have to follow, and why Google's "Web Integrity API" seems gross.

  • 528: I'm a 1.2x Developer

    July 26th, 2023  |  57 mins 59 secs
    ai innovation, apple vision pro, comraderadio, developers, elon musk, gigi sohn, github copilot x, gpt-4, madoff, openai, outline, responsible ai, taiga, trello, twitter logo change, vc-backed, worldcoin

    Elon Musk trying to build the "everything app" is ridiculous, and the quiet little promise openAI just made with the White House.

  • 527: The Internet is for Stealing JPGs

    July 19th, 2023  |  50 mins 57 secs
    ai luddite, api, bug, coder radio, coo, copyright protection, craft, developer mentor, developers, development, development podcast, domain, dystopian, great products, intellectual property, intercepted emails, intuit, mailchimp, mali, managers, meetings, nostr protocol, peter yang, quickbooks, satoshi slam, sensitive us military emails, shopify, shopify cost calculator, shopify: how this e-commerce company is using calculators to put an end to 'pointless' meetings, stephan kinsella, time is money, typo, van gogh, zuurbier

    Shopify has a mind-blowingly obvious solution to too many meetings, a recent failure Chris is struggling with, and more.

  • 526: The Closing Moment of Opportunity

    July 12th, 2023  |  50 mins 45 secs
    ai, ai research, almalinux, bots, centos, chat bot traffic, chatgpt, clones, coder radio, commission, developers, development podcast, engineers, ethics, framework, ibm, isvs, linux, openai, oracle linux, oracle's response, principles, privacy, red hat, regulation, rhel, rocky linux, sarah silverman, schumer

    openAI's window to build their moat is closing, but they have a powerful friend stepping up to help seal the deal. Plus, our reaction to Oracle's very spicy response to Red Hat.

  • 525: Mike Gets Unreal

    July 5th, 2023  |  58 mins 32 secs
    all-china, amd cpu, amd cpu popularity, apple, apple patent, baller boosts, boosts, build-toolchains, c++ integration, coder radio, community contributions, data pillaged, developers, development podcast, elon musk, emergency blocks, linux, linux gamers, luxshare, mac studio, machine learning, market share, mike's adventures in unreal 5, objective-c integration, open-source drivers, production cuts, rate limits, red hat, rhel, self-ddos, software monetization, steam deck, swift, tailscale, twitter bug, twitter death watch, twitter dying, vision pro headset, xcode

    Mike updates us on his development adventures in Unreal 5, signs the Vision Pro might be a flop, and answer questions about abandoning Red Hat's platform.

  • 524: Apple's Blurry Vision

    June 28th, 2023  |  52 mins 45 secs
    accelerometers, ada rose cannon, app review, app store, apple vision pro, apple vision sdk, automation, barometer, body movement tracking, bringing apps to visionos, coder radio, developers, development podcast, emulated vision pro experience, fragmentation, gyroscopes, ideological zealotry, ipad app mode, lack of features, linode, location services, magnetometer, mastodon, native vision apps, navigation apps, nostr, pedometer, phil schiller, safari, selfie and photography applications, tailscale, the omni group, twittermigration, vision pro headset, visionos sdk, webxr, xcode 15 beta 2

    We got our eyes on the Vision Pro SDK and share our new insights. And why the claims of stalled Mastodon adoption might ring a bit true.

  • 523: Scooby-Doo of Code Hiding

    June 21st, 2023  |  44 mins 11 secs
    benefits, business of development, coder radio, commute, compromise, david, developers, development podcast, devs, employees, google, half-assed work, hiring process, hybrid work, internal memo, office, remote work, solution, team, video calls, working remotely, zoom fatigue

    We open the robe and spend a little time chatting about the software development business.

  • 522: Reddit Goes Dark

    June 14th, 2023  |  57 mins 33 secs
    api changes, apollo, app store rating, apple, apple vision headset, apple's game porting toolkit, ar, bottles, ceo ama, cheaper version, coder radio, crossover, debug env, developers, development podcast, gaming revenue, graphics card support, hardware, iphone x, lack of egpu support, mac pro, microsoft, moderators, negative reviews, pc gaming revenue, players, protest, reddit, reddit users, revolt, sonma, subreddits going dark, swiftui, third-party apps, upgrade, ventrua, whisky, wine deps, wine wrapper, x86 brew, x86 terminal, x86 wine, xbox, xcode cli tools

    We chew on the ridiculous situation Reddit has created for itself and the weak position of app developers.

  • 521: More Pro, More Problems

    June 7th, 2023  |  1 hr 2 mins
    $3, 15 inch airs, 499, air pods adaptive audio, apple, apple vision pro development kits, apple vision pro testers, ar headset, ar on ipad, arial screen saver, autocorrect keyboard, baller boosts, binance, biofeedback, boooosts, brain-machine-interface, chris, coder radio, coinbase, developers, development podcast, digital contact sharing apps, eye tracking, eyes, facetime, front screen, game mode, hands, ice breaker, ios 17, ipad, ipad shit show, iphone, iphone 12, live activities, m series mac, m2 chip, m2 max, m2 soc, m2 ultra, mac gaming performance, mac hardware, mac pro, mac studio, macos, optic id, point and speak, predictions inline, r1 chip, rust keynote, sec suees, sensitive content warning, sensors, separate wired battery, sherlocked, siri enhancements, spacial computing, standby mode, sterling crispin, swiftui, unwanted nudes, video call effects, vision pro, visionos, voice control, webapps, widgets, wire, wwdc leftovers

    We argue over what sucked the most at WWDC this year and then surprise each other with two things that thrill us.